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 2014 JCTRA Hangover Scrambles @ Washougal MXP

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PostSubject: 2014 JCTRA Hangover Scrambles @ Washougal MXP   12/11/2013, 11:05 am

The Jones Creek Trail Riders Association will once again be presenting our annual JCTRA Hangover Scrambles to be held at the world famous Washougal Motocross Park Wednesday, January 1st, 2014.

The flyer with race schedule for this years event is posted HERE (click link)

You can preregister online (using Paypal or VISA/Mastercard) by clicking: HOS 2014 Online Preregistration.

For those who've never attended, the JCTRA Hangover Scrambles is our annual celebration of mud, snow, snow, ice, and fun. The Hangover Scrambles is a race event open to Dirt Bikes and Quads. Each class races for one hour and whoever makes the most laps wins. There is a class for nearly every level of participant. You can race any class you want assuming you fit the description as far as age and gender are concerned.  We most often have three courses depending on the skill levels involved in each race, and sometimes other factors, the main one being the weather. You can see the different classes, race times, and lots of other information on our flier which is posted 2014 JCTRA Hangover Scrambles Flyer

This year the course will be better than ever. We plan to have have an Enduro-cross section in the course designed by Steve Corey! The Enduro-cross obstacle will be an excellent opportunity for spectators to come out and watch all the action!!

Also new for this years Hangover Scrambles we are going to an RF transponder scoring system provided by ETRA. The system uses RF Tags stuck to your helmet visor. The transponders are scanned as you ride through the check point...and you won't even have to stop (but we will have some obstacles that will make you slow down a bit). If the weather is nice they'll have a reader board outside letting you know where you're at as you roll by. ETRA has been using the system for quite a while an it promises faster, more accurate scoring.

For those who have used RF Tag (transponder) scoring before you'll be able to use your current RF transponder and number, everyone else will get a new RF transponder. The RF transponder are $3.00 and this year they are included in the price of the race. Be sure to keep your transponder for next years race so you don't have to buy a new one at next years race.

ETRA has provided some more information about how to use the RF transponder, where to put them on the helmets, and other information for those new to RF transponders. You can click the link below to see the RF Transponder info.

RF Transponder Info Page

We'll also be bringing back the $5 Bonus Race at the end of the event.  The race is open to any bike (sorry, no quads) and will run from 3:30 PM for either 30 minutes or till dark (which ever comes first). We will be giving away some Moose Racing riding gear and other swag to the winners of the Bonus Race.

FREE!! $10 RMATV/MC gift cards to all racers!

This year JCTRA is partnering with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC's Racegas program. The program will provide all riders with a free $10 RMATV/MC gift card!! All you have to do is preregister online or register to race at the event and JCTRA and RMATV/MC takes care of the rest. You'll receive a RMATV/MC $10 gift card in the mail in few weeks (after the event). If we can't read your entry form you will not receive the gift card, so write legibly or preregister online to ensure your entry can be read. RMATV/MC only uses your information to mail out the gift card, but you will have the option to opt out if you choose. Visit and check out all the cool stuff!

The race goes on no matter what the weather. Studs are allowed and are very common if it's below freezing. Helmets are required!

Side X Sides and Jeeps or other full-sized four wheel drives are not allowed on the course (except course workers). Riding after dark is NOT allowed as it upsets the neighbors...and that's BAD!

The event is held at the world famous Washougal MXP located at 40205 NE Borin Rd, Washougal, WA 98671. Gates open at 6:00 AM and sign up begins at 6:30 AM with the first race at 8:00 AM. If you choose to register the day of the race instead of preregister online we highly recommend that you go to the registration booth and register AT LEAST an hour before your race begins.  We cannot hold the start of the race, register early or even better register online at: HOS 2014 Online Preregistration.

Online preregistration is up and running on the website. We will have a separate window for preregistered riders the day of the event with the hopes of reducing your time spent waiting in line. If you have preregistered online you should be able to go to the pre-reg window, sign the liability waivers, pick up your RF Tag and race number (s) and be ready to rock. Please bring your printed receipt from the online preregistration process if possible.

You can preregister online (using Paypal or VISA/Mastercard) by clicking: HOS 2014 Online Preregistration.

The race entry fee for this years Hangover Scrambles has gone up $6 from previous years to $36 for your first race and 50% off ($18) for your second and third races. The race entry fee has stayed the same for more than seven years and our expenses seem to increase every year. Unfortunately an increase in the fee is unavoidable. We hope that this increase does not pose an insurmountable burden for our riders. The free $10 RMATV/MC gift cards mentioned above will also help offset the price increase. The gate fees, camping fees, kids races, and bonus race fees have all stayed the same.

If you like you may camp on the grounds the night before the race. Camping is $10 per vehicle. There are a very few campsites with power nearby and they are first come first served. Reserving of sights is not allowed (other than for event staff). The camping areas can get crowded. Please park your RV responsibly and allow others to have access to the few electrical outlets. If camping, please plan to arrive before 10PM the night of the race!

Unfortunately we will not be able to give away free event tee shirts this year as we have not been able to find a sponsor willing to step up and provide the shirts. We will have a limited number of event tees along with hoody's and sweatshirts for sale at the event. For those who want to guarantee that you get the size of event tee, hoody, or sweatshirt you want you can preorder online beginning in early December @ and pick them up at the event. Event tees will be $12-$16 (depending on size). Hoody's will be $25-$29 and sweatshirts will be $20-$24 (depending on size). Images of the merchandise will be available online. The deadline for preordering merchandise will be December 23rd in order to receive the merchandise by the day of the event.

Questions can be emailed to
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2014 JCTRA Hangover Scrambles @ Washougal MXP
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