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 New from the PSW

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PostSubject: New from the PSW   7/12/2015, 4:03 pm

Just wanted to say HI from (not today) sunny Parksville on the Island (big one, SW corner of Canada).

New to the DS world (though did a lot of gravel pit thrashing on a small beat up Bridgestone back in the early '70s before I had a license) having come from the road world - and that too many years ago.  It seemed a shame to move to this part of BC and not get something to explore the back roads so abundant around here.  So, I've new-to-me '99 XT350 (from another old guy who discovered his hip needed replacing, after he bought the bike and tried to kick it the first time).

It, the XT, needs a bit of work and I need practice so we're likely a good match. 

I met some of the local DS guys sitting around a coffee patio last week and hope to get out with some of them in the not to distant future. (Though with the recent lack of rain, most of the local off-road areas are closed due to the fire hazard.)
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PostSubject: Re: New from the PSW   7/13/2015, 7:03 am

Welcome, HI!

Yeah, the fire thing sucks
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New from the PSW
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