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 New to Astoria.

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PostSubject: New to Astoria.   5/26/2016, 12:13 am

Hey all,  Name here is Travis.  I moved to Astoria Oregon about a year ago from Northern Colorado.  Work and family keeps me pretty busy so I don't get to ride much, aside from riding to work and back.  By the way... I have an amazing ride there and back (all 103 miles of it) but I am increasingly growing tired of the same road day after day.  Yeah, I know "Get out there and explore". I have explored Mt. Nickolai (hmmm... did I spell that right?)  and Hwy 101 down to Newport however, I'd like to know where I can ride around NW Oregon without a stinking gate that puts a damper on the ride.  I have also taken Hwy 202/47 to Vernonia and 26 but, wouldn't you know it... more stinking gates.  Help is needed, as well as some local knowledge as to where to ride.  OK now for the fun stuff.  I rode a 1987 KLR 650 until it broke so many times that the frame was just a big fat weld.  I sold that off (cheeeap) and have been with out a dual sport for 15+ dang years.  Last October I sold the Harley and bought a 2015 BMW G650GS that I ride a lot (like I said, to work mainly).  As of today 5/25/16 I have 5250 miles on the odometer.  I love to ride and the Oregon rains do not stop me at all.  Unless its of the freezing variety then that is another "hold my beer" story.  I have found this forum in the Google data base so I figured I'd make an account and introduce myself and pose that "where to ride without the gates" question.  Also thus far, I have made Zero friends that ride **hint hint** Hello .   Here is a picture of my new(er) BMW at Jewel Elk Meadows.  Never mind, I cant seem to figure that picture upload thing out yet.  YET.   Keep the rubber down and remember to turn the ignition on every once in a while.   
Hope to meet up with you all on the road/trail.
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PostSubject: Re: New to Astoria.   5/26/2016, 7:07 am

Welcome HI!
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New to Astoria.
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