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 Insomnia? Try this...

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PostSubject: Insomnia? Try this...   3/20/2010, 9:35 pm

Last year I was doing some research about riding on gravel. Let's just say I had an interesting experience last spring when the county spent a whole lot of money to grade and lay down about 40 miles of fresh gravel into the North Fork.

Long story short, my slickery experience led to finding some interesting links. This is one of my favorites, but you kinda have to work to see it.

I assure you, its worth the effort. As a matter of fact, the "gravel movie 2007" was my favorite last year but it was 223 megabyte video download. Just to see how much of a nincompoop I am, I spent almost two hours this evening uploading my old copy to yootube only to find out it got deleted because it was longer than ten minutes

Here's what ya do:

Go to a Goooooogle search window and type in hit enter. If you like another search engine that can TRANSLATE go for it. (You can go straight to the site, but good luck reading it)

Anyway, do the search and it should be the first hit on the list. Click on "translate this page"

Then click on the video link labeled "Filkatalog" (videos, for us Americans)

Then watch what you want, but "gravel movie 2007" is kinda cool with the old headphones and a few beers.

The cool thing (that I didn't know last year) is their website is now using their own movie player and you can stream the videos instead of downloading them.

Or you might be able to just click on this link:
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Backwoods Boogie
Backwoods Boogie

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PostSubject: Re: Insomnia? Try this...   3/20/2010, 11:45 pm

Big skeery Reindeer .....

Concours 14


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Insomnia? Try this...
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